C++ Math
Pre Calculus Rapid-Review Course
1 - Basic Algebra and Equations
Setting up and solving basic equations with algebra.
2 - Basic Quadratic Equations
An introduction to more complicated equations called quadratic equations.
3 - Completing the Square
How to solve any quadratic equation.
4 - Factoring Quadratic Equations
Finding two linear expressions whose product is a given quadratic expression.
5 - Functions and Inverse Functions
Introducing the concept of a function and the related inverse function.
6 - Graphing Functions and Transformations
Graphing functions to get a visual picture. Also translating and stretching function graphs.
7 - Slope and the Point-Slope Form
The concept of slope and writing a linear equation in Point-Slope Form.
8 - Exponents and Exponential Functions
How exponents are defined and how exponential functions look and behave.
9 - Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions
Defining and interpreting logarithms and the related functions.
10 - Trigonometric Functions and Identities
Quickly introducing the highlights of trigonometry that come up in Calculus.
11 - Polynomials and Algebraic Tricks
The definition of polynomials and how to simplify difficult ones.
12 - Rational Functions
The definition of rational functions and how to analyze their components.
13 - Parametric and Polar Graphing
Two alternative ways of graphing.

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